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  • HDPE cutting board for chef training school


    A large chef training school in the United States needs a batch of cutting boards of appropriate size, which are convenient for students to use in class and practice. We recommend the durable HDPE cutting board to our customers. It is lightweight,...

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  • How can I protect my lawn from heavy equipment?


    1. Keep the ground dry2. Use plywood3. Use HDPE heavy equipment protection matsWhen you need to carry heavy machinery on the lawn for work, the heavy machinery can cause damage to the lawn, making it difficult for the grass to grow and thrive. Ho...

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  • Ground Protection: Hardwood Mats vs Plastic Mats


    Ground protection mats can be used as a temporary road to protect the ground and reduce the damage to the ground by heavy facilities. In daily life, most of the ground protection mats we often see are plywood and ground protection mats. Which of t...

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  • UHMWPE Outrigger Pad


    Our factory mainly produces UHMWPE outrigger pads, it is made of 100% polyethylene, the color can be customized, black, white, yellow, etc. Conventional sizes are 400*400*40mm, 500*500*50mm, 600*600*50mm, 800*800*60m, 1000*1000*80mm and so on. We ...

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  • Ground Protection Mats


    * Ground Protection, Heavy Equipment Mats, Skid Steer Mats, Grass Protection Mats, Temporary Roadways NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable. The original temporary ro...

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  • Dump truck bed liner


    Time of use Whatsapp 线路特色: Provide us with all the dimensions listed above (see diagrams), and we'll cut and score your liner to precisely fit your truck or trailer bed. Measure your Overall Length L to the neares...

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