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A Comparison of Haulk and QuickSilver Bed Liners

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A Comparison of Haulk and QuickSilver Bed Liners插图

When you’re selecting the right dump truck bed liner, you must look at your options. In particular, Haulk and QuickSilver are two contenders that are great for different load applications. Taking a look at our comparison of Haulk and QuickSilver bed liners for more information may help.

Strength and Dependability

A heavy-duty bed liner, the Haulk is the strongest contender for dump trucks that handle aggressive hauling applications. Though lightweight and an alternative to stainless steel floors, Haulk provides better release and protection. It’s highly dependable in the lumber, paper, steel, and agricultural industries.

If you’re looking for the “liner that works. Anytime. Anywhere,” you should look at QuickSilver. This highly dependable and durable dump truck bed liner can withstand harsh field conditions and handle all kinds of bulk material. Made of 6% silicone, it offers the industry’s best release and wear and will successfully unload various materials.

Types of Loads

Haulk and QuickSilver bed liners can each handle different types of materials. It’s essential to know the exact loads they can handle. The key difference is that Haulk can carry abrasive materials (not hot applications), while QuickSilver can carry all types of materials.


  • Bottom ash
  • Pig iron
  • Auto fluff
  • Rip rap
  • Highly abrasive aggregates


  • Handles all types of loads, including sand, gravel, aggregate, lime, topsoil, and petroleum coke

What To Expect

When you compare Haulk and QuickSilver, you can expect both bed liners to handle their load applications and last a long time. However, you must expect Haulk to handle material up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit—you can’t use it for hot asphalt applications. With QuickSilver, you can expect easier dumping jobs, as you don’t have to worry about things such as sticky or frozen loads and chewed-up floors.

After looking at our comparison of Haulk and QuickSilver bed liners, we hope you select the right choice for your dump truck. If you’re interested in purchasing either of these selections, please contact us here at Linings, Inc. We’re happy to help you start your order.

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