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  • hdpe sheet


    The homopolymeric High Density Polyethylene has a very low density combined with high toughness. Due to its good chemical resistance, HDPE is insensitive to most acids, bases, many organic solvents and hot water. The material is a good electrical insulator and, apart from high-frequency welding, can shows good weldability. The continuous operating temperature for HDPE in natural color ranges between -50 °C and approximately +90 °C. Our round rods in natural and black color comply with the food contact regulations according to 10/2011/EC.

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  • uhmwpe sheet


    1. What is polyethylene sheet used for? It is used in construction as vapor retarders, window films, flooring and counter top protection, and also in roofing. Polyethylene sheet can be used to seal off rooms, cover building materials, and can be used in leadabatement projects. 2. Why should you choose UHMWPE Sheet? What makes UHMWPE engineering plastic such a characteristic and useful is its combination of excellent properties, which are; outstanding abrasion resistance, superior impact resistance, non-sticking and self-lubricating and excellent mechanical properties, even in cryogenic condition. 3. What is UHMWPE Sheet used for? Because UHMWPE sheet has excellent abrasion resistance it is often used for lining chutes and hoppers in aggressive and highly abrasive environments, which is why you'll find it at the quarry. Its also found in food manufacturing environments where high volumes of containers such as cans or bottles need to be driven along conveyors or production lines. 4. What we do? We produce all kinds of UHMWPE, HDPE products for all shapes, sheets, rolls, gears whatever you need. 5. Where are we? Our company is located in the UHMWPE intensive products center, Dezhou City, ShanDong Province, China. 6. Why choose us? ManyYears of experience in manufacturing UHMWPE. High grade virgin with 100% high quality raw material. Package and pallet delivery byinternational standard Strict test equipment.

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