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HDPE cutting board for chef training school

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A large chef training school in the United States needs a batch of cutting boards of appropriate size, which are convenient for students to use in class and practice. We recommend the durable HDPE cutting board to our customers. It is lightweight, easy to move, and easy to clean.
In the end, the customer chose a white rectangular cutting board. The white color looks clean and hygienic, and the size is regular, which is more than enough for one person to use. According to the needs of customers, the school’s logo and water channel are engraved on the cutting board, and a small area for food materials is also reserved. Because the HDPE raw material is non-toxic and tasteless, it can be used directly in contact with food, and it is easy to clean after use. The surface is not easy to crack or curl. The cutting board has a long life, can be used for a long time, and saves money. It is very convenient to use in school, and it is handy for teachers and students.

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