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Do Drop-in Bed Liners Cause Rust?

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Do Drop-in Bed Liners Cause Rust?插图

Drop-in dump truck bed liners are one of the strongest and most durable models on the market. As such, when an operator is looking to protect their vehicle from damage, these liners are one of the first options that come to mind. However, with rust also being a prevalent issue during deliveries, it still poses the question of whether these liners help or hurt the situation. Determine whether drop-in bed liners cause rust and what this means for your dump truck maintenance procedures.

What Are Drop-in Bed Liners?

When referring to a drop-in bed liner, industry professionals are often talking about a sheet of flexible plastic that can be molded to fit the shape of the bed. These products are great at providing an extra protective layer from any harsh materials and are very good at staying in place once installed. They’re also considered much more durable than spray-on products and are used when transporting very heavy and abrasive resources.

Correlations With Rust Development

Now, as for the question of whether drop-in bed liners cause rust, the answer is most often no. In the case of steel trucks, rust can form if moisture makes its way between the liner and the metal bed and sits there for an extended period. However, it’s important to note that steel dump trucks aren’t the only model of machine used in the industry anymore, and modern aluminum models don’t experience rust. Resin dump truck liners don’t rust either since they’re designed to resist corrosion, and plastic isn’t as susceptible as metals typically are. So, should you have a vehicle made out of this material, rust won’t even be a concern for you. Still, if you want to play it safe, make sure that you have this product installed by a qualified professional and that you remove debris from underneath the cover between jobs. Regular washes and maintenance will be the key to keeping your vehicle in top-performing condition as well.

Rust is a common problem that we’re always looking to solve here at Linings Inc. In fact, it’s for this purpose that we manufacture our products out of rust-resistant UHMW-PE. We also take great care to establish an air-tight seal during installation. As such, our dump truck bed liners, along with the proper maintenance, can help reduce the frequency of rust and protect your equipment for many deliveries to come.

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