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Dump Truck Capacity: How Much They Can Carry

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As you go about choosing equipment for your job, one of the most important things to consider is how much a dump truck can haul. This is the maximum quantity of materials that a machine can transport at a given time and, therefore, the key indicator of whether it’s suitable for certain roles. As such, it’s crucial that all trained dump truck operators know what this measurement is and how to identify it for their own equipment. These are the basics of dump truck capacity and how much they can carry.

Understanding Bed Dimensions

To effectively learn how much a dump truck can haul, you need to first gain an understanding of what goes into this calculation. Though the numbers can vary depending on the size, type, and model of your machine, larger dump trucks can often carry between 10 and 14 cubic yards of finer material. This range can be used to help piece together how much material you’ll be transporting at a given time and the weight per unit of that resource.

Weight Per Cubic Yard

The weight of a cubic yard is then determined by the kind of material being transported as well as the number of units your truck can contain. As a general rule, one cubic yard of compact dirt can weigh approximately two thousand pounds. Heavier things such as gravel, on the other hand, clock in around three thousand pounds per cubic yard. In total, this means that a large dump truck model can withstand several tons at one time—which is a lot of force to exert on a single piece of equipment. So understanding how much these materials weight can go a long way in helping you calculate the proper amount for your truck.

Determining Your Truck’s Capacity

Fortunately, you won’t need to weigh each different resource yourself to pinpoint how much your dump truck can carry. In fact, the maximum weight your truck can withstand will be given to you in its manufacturer’s manual. Using this number, you can better estimate how many cubic yards you have to fill and, as such, how much of a material you can move. Just make sure that you never exceed this weight limit, as it could increase your chances of getting in an accident. If you can’t find your dump truck’s manual, consider contacting the manufacturer directly with this question.

Along with understanding how much a dump truck can haul, it’s also vital that you know how to protect this part of the vehicle from damage during transit. At Linings Inc., we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality protection for your dump trucks—regardless of what they’re carrying. Our heavy-duty bed liners can withstand everything from abrasive gravel and metal pieces to hot asphalt. So, as long as you adhere to your vehicle’s capacity limits, you can be assured that it’ll be able to handle anything the job has in store.

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