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  • Place of shipmentAy Yang
  • place of origin : China
  • Cycle of production :15Delivery cycle
  • Color : black、white、yellow

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Product Introduction


Rhodes Works Asphalt 1/2″ Thick Liners
The Rhodes Works High Temperature liner is designed to haul hot asphalt up to a temperature of 4008F. The Heat Stabilized dump truck liner is our most durable and protective, while also utilizing additives to provide for our best sliding surface. This fights against material build up and reduces hydraulic pressure needed to extract material from your dump truck bed. When compared to HMW liners, UHMW liners are 3-5 times more resistant to wear.
Specially formulated UHMW-PE for temperatures up to 4008FToughest liner for hot asphaltBest sliding surfaceLifetime warranty availableUV protectionReduces haulbackAdded LubricityEliminates freezingAdded water protectionColor is dark gray, width is 10 feet.
Questions and Answers
Q: Is this product available now? How hard is the installation? And is there a dealer that installs in the Omaha or Lincoln nebraska area? What is required for installation if no dealer?A: Availability is within about 2 weeks, as noted at the top of the page. That information is current. The installation is not terribly difficult and can be done with fairly basic hand tools. We don’t work with a network of dealers, so I can’t answer availability of dealers in your area, unfortunately. I’ll send over some installation instructions that you can review. Thanks for your questions!

How to Measure and Order

Provide us with all the dimensions listed above (see diagrams), and we’ll cut and score your liner to precisely fit your truck or trailer bed. Measure your Overall Length L to the nearest 1/8″ and enter this number into the “L” field above. Go up to the nearest whole number, and this is the “Quantity” of feet you will order. For example, if the overall length, L, measures 18 feet 7 and 5/8 inches, enter 18′ 7 5/8″ or 18′ 7.625″ into the L field, and enter 19 into the Quantity field.

Please be careful to measure all dimensions to the nearest 1/8″ to ensure best fit. Also, review your entries carefully before ordering. Once the liner is fabricated to your specifications it can not be returned.

Dump truck bed liner插图5Dump truck bed liner插图6Dump truck bed liner插图7
L: Overall LengthS: Overall Length minus Hoist Well LengthF: Hoist Well Width (including any gussets)G: Hoist Well LengthW: Total Flat-Bottom WidthE: Straight Distance from Start to End of Corner or Radius (measurement is same for both, but specify Straight or Radius Corner in Options)

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