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hdpe cutting boards

hdpe cutting
  • Place of shipmentAn Yang
  • place of origin : China
  • Cycle of production :15Delivery cycle
  • Color : black、white、yellow

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Product Introduction


Product introduction
Custom made to exact size, up to 96″ by 48″1/4″ thick, natural white color Super High Density Polyethelene Plastic HDPENSF Certified, FDA Approved, USDA Approved, HACCP compliantSafe for commercial dishwashers up to 185 degreesWarp, stain and crack resistantGood for restaurants, commercial kitchens and replacement of cutting countersFast turnaround of 1-2 daysMade in the USACustom cut from 100% super high density polyethylene, our cutting boards are food safe certified and ready for industrial and commercial kitchen use. The 1/4″ white sheets are lightweight and popular replacements for deli, sandwich and refrigerator countertops. We provide the option for a raw cut for a direct drop in on embedded cutting boards, or we can provide standard edging and corners for a direct top replacement. We can special cut sheets up to 96″ long and 48″ wide, which fits just about every make and model of food service equipment. All of our poly boards are made right here in the US and we can provide a super quick turnaround of 2 to 3 business days and often we can even ship same day! We specialize in small jobs and are happy to do anywhere from a one-off board to replacing your entire commissary and provide our pricing directly on our website. Our business is just cutting boards, so we know what you need!
Labyrinth sealThe addition of multiple labyrinth seals and high-quality lubricants ensure that dust or water will not enter and improve the long life of the drum.Anti-static, low frictionSuitable for adverse conditionsHigh-density materialsAcid and alkali resistanceLow maintenance costLight weight, easy to install and replace, reduce labor intensityCost saving, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly products.
What cutting boards do commercial kitchens use?
HDPE cutting board sheets are the cutting boards used in all great commercial kitchens. The natural color of the polyethylene creates a sanitary look that is most desirable and even required for commercial food processing operations. The non-porous surface does not absorb food odors and is easy to maintain and sanitize. Industrial and commercial cutting sheets must be easy to clean because they are designed for such a high volume of use such as food preparation. As is standard operations for cleanliness in a commercial kitchen, HDPE plastic cutting sheets must be rinsed and scrubbed with a wire brush to remove any remaining food or stains after use. The plastic cutting board material with stand up to being rinsed with hot water, sanitized in a 10% bleach solution and then rinsed again in cold water. The white plastic cutting board is then ready to be put through the dishwasher cycle. It can be dried, but for best results remove the HDPE plastic cutting board from the dishwasher before the drying cycle and allow it to air dry.
What are the benefits of HDPE plastic cutting boards?
We provide custom HDPE in either a smooth or textured surface. The textured HDPE is also known as kitchen cutting board. This textured HDPE provides superior grip. They are textured on both sides, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This best plastic cutting board is FDA approved for food preparation and ideal because it does not dull knives and does not harbor bacteria. Think of your average wood cutting board with grooves along the edges. It is a hassle to hand wash so that eventually it may get thrown into the dishwasher with many kinds of bacteria sunken into the wood. Wood swells and cracks when subjected to hot water and high temperatures. There is no such worry with our high-density polyethylene plastic hdpe plastic cutting sheets. Flexible plastic cutting boards are a breeze to clean and maintain and don’t warp, crack or lose texture. Our HDPE cutting boards can even be upgraded with an advanced antimicrobial technology for protecting the cutting board against stain and odor-causing microorganisms.

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