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How Long Can Your Dump Truck Bed Liner Last?

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How Long Can Your Dump Truck Bed Liner Last?插图

Long-lasting products are useful for various applications. This guide discusses how long your dump truck bed liner can last and things that affect its lifespan. Get the most out of your liners by following good practices.

The Answer: It Depends

While seeking truck bed protection, it’s natural to wonder how long your dump truck bed liner will last. The answer depends on your loads and truck bed maintenance. It’s best to stick with loads that align with the bed liners. For instance, Durapro liners are ideal for sand and gravel. Haulk liners handle pig iron and abrasive stone.

When you place the wrong items on truck beds, you risk damaging the liner, decreasing its lifespan. When you clean the liner and haul the right materials, the liner can last a long time!

What Affects Truck Bed Liners

As mentioned, hauling the right loads and cleaning your truck bed helps dump truck liners last. Still, it’s essential to recognize things that affect bed liners. Debris buildup and minor damages worsen liners. Excess debris makes unloading material difficult. Small holes and cracks in liners can grow into bigger issues. Both occurrences decrease productivity.

Purchase the Best Liner

Different types of liners can handle various loads, so it’s important to select the right product. At Linings Inc., we offer four types of liners: QuickSilver, Durapro, Haulk, and HMW-PE. To properly handle material, purchase a liner that meets your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of our liners:

  • QuickSilver – Great for various types of loads and withstands harsh weather conditions. An overall dependable liner.
  • Durapro – Lightweight with industrial strength. Silicone release allows sand and gravel to slide off the liner without sticking.
  • Haulk – The heavy-duty bed liner. Ideal for aggressive loads like bottom ash. However, hot applications can’t go on the liner. Haulk liners handle material up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • HMW-PE – Perfect for light-duty needs like farming and agriculture. Not ideal for cold weather because the liner becomes brittle in cold temperatures.

Purchase a high-quality liner at Linings Inc. We offer the best dump trailer bed protection at competitive prices. Your truck deserves the best, and we’re here to make it happen. Get a quote today!

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