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How To Avoid Asphalt Emulsion Build-Up

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Many different materials are transported by dump trucks every day, and while some of them pose no threat, others can harm your equipment in the process. This is why it’s crucial that you’re always prepared to protect your truck from potentially damaging work conditions. Asphalt is especially risky to transport, as its composition makes it sticky and hard upon cooling. Read on to learn how to avoid asphalt emulsion build-up and the importance of doing so.

What Is Asphalt Emulsion Buildup?

Asphalt emulsion is a liquified version of the abrasive concrete-like mixture. It’s created by combining asphalt with water and an emulsifying agent that temporarily bonds the two together. When heated, this material is incredibly pliable and will take the form of whatever it’s poured into. However, this is only the case when it’s hot. As this substance cools, it quickly begins to harden and stick to whatever surface it’s currently resting on. If you don’t stay on top of this issue, you’ll have a truck bed covered with sticky asphalt that won’t dump out to clean.

If you have yet to deliver a batch of asphalt emulsion to its destination, the drying process causes sections of it to cure to the base of your truck bed. This can create large deposits that adhere to other pieces around it, preventing the act of dumping said materials from being as efficient as it could be. Over time, the build-up can even start causing damage to the truck itself. So, it’s important that you take action to keep this from happening.

Tips for Preventing BuildUp in Your Dump Truck

Now, as for how to avoid asphalt emulsion build-up, there are several things you can do. The first is to keep your truck clean at all times. This means washing it before your first delivery, in-between deliveries, and after the last haul of your day. While it might seem like a lot, doing this stops any potential sticky asphalt buildup before it can start, saving you the hassle of scraping it off later.

Installing a bed liner in your dump truck can also help. These products are designed to be slick, and they ensure materials slide over them as smoothly as possible. Because of this, asphalt is less likely to stick to them, and your truck will be much safer as a whole.

If you find that you’re frequently transporting asphalt, you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your truck in proper working condition. In fact, it’s for materials like these that our team at Linings Inc. created our own line of dump truck body liners. Our products are made from 100 percent virgin UHMW resin, making them incredibly strong yet flexible enough to bounce back from dents. This material is also slick and actively resists the build-up of sticky resources.

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