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How To Keep Dirt From Sticking in a Dump Truck

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While working with your dump truck, you want to successfully release materials without worrying about things sticking to the truck bed. However, gritty materials like dirt can easily stick on the bed, leaving you with a big cleanup job. Fortunately, we have solutions on how to keep dirt from sticking in a dump truck.

Use a Dump Truck Bed Liner

The best way to keep dirt from sticking in a dump truck is to use a dump truck bed liner. In particular, the QuickSilver dump truck liner is ideal for grainy materials like dirt because it has 6 percent silicone (the industry’s best) that will prevent dirt from sticking and allow you to successfully dump materials. Dump truck liners make cleaning easy, and you won’t have to worry about excess dirt sticking to your truck bed.

Put Down Plastic on the Bed

Another way to keep dirt from sticking in your dump truck is to put plastic on the bed. Heavy plastic will act as a shield protecting raw material from the truck bed itself. However, this method takes precise skill, as you must keep the plastic on the bed without it slipping off our folding. Fortunately, you can use a plastic dump truck liner to fit your truck and hold the dumping materials with ease.

Utilize Releasing Agents

Before placing your dumping material on the truck, use a releasing agent that will make the truck bed slick so that dirt can roll off of it readily. Like cooking spray on a pan, a releasing agent adds a slick layer to the bed that helps materials fall into the appropriate place. This solution is quick and easy to apply, but you must place it on the bed before hauling anything. Failure to use the releasing agent may lead to a big cleanup job and lots of stuck dirt.

Dealing with leftover dirt in your dump truck is frustrating. However, after reading our solutions on how to keep dirt from sticking in a dump truck, you can select an option that’s right for you! If you’re interested in dump truck bed liners, then you should browse through our selection of products today!

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