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How To Make a Dump Bed Slick

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The construction industry utilizes a plethora of different materials for its projects, and not all of them are easy to deliver. In fact, sticking is one of the most common issues that dump truck operators experience as they transport substances to a job site. As such, many of these professionals find themselves searching for an effective solution. This is how to make a dump bed slick so you can stop worrying about the efficiency of your deliveries.

The Importance of a Slick Dump Truck Bed

Certain construction materials, such as hot asphalt or fine dirt, tend to stick to the interior of a dump truck bed. This can occur due to a series of different factors, including the consistency of the resource or how well the bed was previously cleaned. But, either way, sticking can prevent loads from fully dumping out on the first try, which may then require the operator to manually remove what’s left. Thousands of working hours are wasted every day because of this occurrence, leading to less efficiency and a reduction in overall productivity. So, for the sake of completing your route on time, it’s crucial that you practice proper maintenance methods and learn how to make a dumb bed slick to prevent sticking from happening.

Tips To Prevent Material Sticking

Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to make a dump bed slick enough to prevent sticking. One method has to do with applying a specialized releasing agent to the truck bed after it’s been cleaned. This can break up some of the material left on the surface and can keep larger clumps from forming while in transit.

However, it’s more often recommended that you install a dump truck bed liner. These covers provide a smooth and durable area for the materials to rest while you’re driving. They’ll resist any tearing or dents from abrasive resources and ensure these substances don’t get stuck as they’re sliding out of the bed.

For more information on how installing a semi-truck bed liner can help you during your workday, reach out to Linings Inc. Each of our liners is designed to withstand multiple forms of damage from the transportation process, including damages caused by sticking materials. Made with 100 percent virgin UHMW resin, our products offer perfect coverage for your truck and a seamless delivery process for you and your clients.

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