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How To Prevent Dump Truck Tip-Overs

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A plethora of different hazards exists when it comes to operating a dump truck. However, dump truck tip-overs are some of the most dangerous of them all. The sheer size of these vehicles alone makes them a serious threat to all those in the vicinity, and their weight is what ultimately causes the most damage. As such, it’s vital that you’re doing all you can to decrease the chances of these accidents occurring on your watch. This is how to prevent dump truck tip-overs and some of the factors that contribute to these events.

Load According to Capacity Limits

Firstly, make sure you’re loading your dump truck according to its weight and capacity guidelines. This information should be in your vehicle’s product manual and represents the very maximum it can transport at one time. Going beyond this amount can make it easier to throw off the truck’s balance, increasing the risk of a dump truck tip-over occurring.

Keep Up With Preventative Maintenance

It’s also recommended that you consistently keep up with your truck’s preventative maintenance. This means frequently checking and inflating your vehicle’s tires as well as repairing any faulty parts within the suspension system. The more you can do now to increase your truck’s balancing capabilities, the better off you’ll be at avoiding flips.

Only Dump Materials on Level Ground

Another thing you can do to prevent dump truck tip-overs is to only dump materials after parking on level ground. Though it’s common for construction sites to have large hills and potholes to account for, unloading in these areas poses a particularly high threat. This is because they make the vehicle lean more to one side and prompt an easier turnover. Steering clear of these areas when making a drop-off increases the safety of everyone nearby.

Maximize Dumping Efficiency

Lastly, you can do your best to maximize your dump truck’s dumping efficiency. Since the truck is already in a vulnerable position any time the bed lifts, reducing the amount of time dumping takes can also decrease the risk. As such, doing things like installing a dump truck bed liner and keeping these components working smoothly will work to your advantage.

If you’re in need of a product that will protect your truck from damage and increase its efficiency at the same time, Linings Inc has you covered. Our dump truck trailer bed liners both cushion the impact of abrasive materials and prevent stickier substances from building up on their surface. This allows you to make deliveries much more quickly and without decreasing safety.

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