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How To Protect Your Dump Truck From Concrete & Rock

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Concrete and large pieces of rock are two materials commonly used in the construction and infrastructure industries. Not only do they make up the foundation for many builds, but they’re also where structures obtain their core strength and resistance. Because of this, these resources can be difficult to transport and tend to cause damage in the process—especially in the bed of a dump truck. This is how to protect your dump truck from concrete and rock and the importance of taking these extra concrete dump truck protection measures.

Load the Materials Correctly

Keeping your dump truck undamaged and functioning properly begins with the loading process. Heavy materials like rock and concrete pose the most risk to your equipment when they’re in motion. So, dropping them into the bed is one of the primary instances where you’re more likely to sustain dents or tears. For this reason, make sure that you’re loading these materials slowly and keeping them level so that they can’t move around during transit.

Avoid Reckless Driving Recklessly

The second instance where you’ll need additional concrete dump truck protection is while you’re in the process of transporting them to the construction site. During this time, concrete and rock materials are more likely to roll around rather than sit flat, throwing off your machine’s overall balance. As such, it’s vital that you adopt safe driving practices to minimize any extra movement. This includes driving at the designated speeds, making slow, wide turns to account for the size of the haul, and indicating well before changing lanes.

Install a Dump Truck Bed Liner

One of the most important things you can do to protect your dump truck from concrete and rock is to equip your machine with a quality bed liner. These covers provide a barrier that limits the amount of direct interaction materials have with the metal truck bed. This greatly reduces the chances of your truck suffering dents, tears, and general weakening over time. Therefore, your truck will remain in better condition and require less maintenance in the long run.

If you’re looking for premium concrete dump truck protection, Linings Inc. has you covered. Our plastic dump truck liners use only the strongest grade of UHWM-PE resin. As such, they’re capable of holding up against some of the most abrasive materials. Concrete and rock are two resources that we use during our product testing, as well. So, you know you’re getting a liner that can perform exactly as you need it to.

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