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Maintenance Tips To Help Your Haulk Liner Last Longer

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Maintenance Tips To Help Your Haulk Liner Last Longer插图

After installing your haulk bed liners, it’s essential to maintain them for optimal performance. We understand that dump trucks are an important part on many jobsites, and we want you to get the most out of your liner. You can do things to extend their life span while making sure they function for all your dumping needs. Check out these beneficial maintenance tips to help your haulk liner last longer.

Check for Trapped Material Under Leading Edge Protector

If you notice your liner cannot expand freely, you need to check for trapped material under the leading edge protector. Periodically checking for bends, dents, and kinks will help you identify lodged material and let you remove it. Failure to do so will cause buckling and prevent movement needed for thermal expansion.

Look for Material Under the Liner

Trapped material under the liner can cause accelerated wear and create holes in the haulk liner. As a result, things can accumulate during the unloading tailgate closing process. Therefore, it’s essential to check for material under the liner daily and then remove it.

Do Not Place Hot Material on the Liner

The Haulk dump truck liner can handle material up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you cannot place hot asphalt or other hot materials on this liner. Our Haulk is specially formulated with glass beads for extreme abrasion resistance and impact strength. This means that the best way to maintain this liner is by only placing these load applications:

  • Auto fluff
  • Bottom ash
  • Highly abrasive aggregates
  • Pig iron
  • Rip rap

After installing your haulk liner, proper maintenance is the next step towards extending its lifespan. We understand that dump trucks are an important component on many jobsites, and we want you to get the most out of your Haulk liner. We hope our maintenance tips to help your haulk liner last longer were beneficial to you. If you’re interested in our uhmw bed liners and other quality dump truck liners, you should browse through our selection today. We have the right liners for you!

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