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outrigger pads

crane outrigger pads
  • Place of shipmentAy Yang
  • place of origin : China
  • Cycle of production :15Delivery cycle
  • Color : black、white、yellow

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Product Introduction


Crane Outrigger Pads & Jack Pads
Outrigger pads provide stable surfaces for heavy equipment loads. The outrigger pads are lighter than wood or steel and provide better overall performance. With its superior characteristics, heavy duty outrigger pads provide support for all types of equipment, even in poor soil conditions.
◇ Engineered Thermoplastic Construction◇ Industrial Grade Safety Texturing◇ Rounded Edges & Corners◇ Waterproof and Chemical Resistant◇ Non-Conductive<br> ◇Personalization stamping, engraving, decal options
Outperforms Wood and Other Plastic MaterialsReliably Strong & Rigid SupportEasy t o useErgonomic safetyZero splinters, rot or absorption
Tips for the safe use of outrigger pads
When working on instable soils the use of outrigger pads is highly recommended. When you’re working on soils that are very vulnerable to heavy loads, and you don’t use outrigger pads your machines have a chance to flip over and provoke a lot of damage to materials and the surrounding. Outrigger pads will raise the dispersion of the load beneath the stabilizers of your cranes. They allow you to protect the soil and work safe on soils that are very fragile to heavy loads.
High quality ground protecting outrigger pads
Using outrigger pads doesn’t mean you’re safe from accidents. Many mobile crane accidents when using outrigger pads are the result of improper set-up. One of the most common set-up mistakes is not providing enough cribbing under outrigger pads to support the crane and load weight. Therefore, you should always look for impediments, depressions, voids, trenches, excavations, slopes or signs of poor ground conditions which can lead to an unsafe situation. If found, correct the situation to a compacted and level surface or do not set up. Also knowing how much weight is exerted on the outriggers is critical to maintaining the crane in a level condition and to ensure the crane has proper support. Ultimately the ground is supporting everything. It must be taken into consideration in every application.

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