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Preparing Your Dump Trucks for Road Construction

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Road construction projects are some of the most important jobs for dump truck operators. Responsible for laying the appropriate foundation for new builds, these machines are more involved in the construction process than many tend to think. This is why it’s important that you know how to get your truck ready to handle all the potential stressors involved. Here are a few tips for preparing your dump trucks for road construction and why these steps are so vital to a job well done.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Before you leave for any type of job, conducting the necessary maintenance on your dump truck is a must. This process ensures that everything is functioning as it should be and, therefore, more resistant to potential damage during operation. Some tasks to include are cleaning out the truck’s bed, filling the tires, and testing the hydraulic lifting system. Doing these things now will save you the hassle of discovering an issue later on.

Determine the Necessary Materials

Taking the time to identify the materials you’ll need to transport is also an effective way to prepare your dump trucks for road construction projects. After all, each substance has its own physical and chemical characteristics that change how they interact with the truck while it’s in motion. Because of this, some resources might build up in the bed, while others might tear or dent the metal. Knowing what you’ll move can give you the time to properly protect your equipment from certain types of damage.

Identify the Truck’s Weight Capacity

Another thing you should do before a road construction job is to familiarize yourself with your truck’s capacity limitations. A single truck may not be able to accommodate the amount of material you need for a project. Overloading your truck can result in a series of different safety issues, including the risk of overturning, and can increase your chances of causing damage to the machine. So, understanding your truck’s capabilities can determine how many separate loads you’ll need to transport.

Install a Quality Bed Liner

Last but certainly not least, try equipping your truck with a heavy-duty bed liner. These products form a tight seal against your dump truck bed, protecting it from direct exposure to the materials you’re delivering. This greatly reduces your risk of sustaining damage during the job and keeps these machines in better condition for longer. Dump truck liners also increase dumping efficiency by preventing material build-up.

At Linings Inc., we set out to provide all dump truck models with the highest level of protection possible. Whether you’re transporting hot asphalt or abrasive gravel to a construction site, our UHMW bed liners can minimize the damage. This means fewer repairs between jobs and more efficient machines overall.

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