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How can I protect my lawn from heavy equipment?

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When you need to carry heavy machinery on the lawn for work, the heavy machinery can cause damage to the lawn, making it difficult for the grass to grow and thrive. How to protect grass from damage? We’ll discuss how to protect your lawn from heavy machinery in a few easy steps!

1. Keep the ground dry


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If the project does require heavy equipment, make sure the lawn surface is dry ahead of time, as dry soil surfaces are more likely to absorb the weight of heavy equipment. If the ground is too wet, the soil bearing capacity will be reduced, the equipment will sink and the ground will be damaged, and the friction will be reduced when the ground is too wet, which will cause deeper damage.
If you will be driving heavy equipment on the grass frequently, it is recommended to keep the lawn surface dry to reduce damage to the lawn.

2. Use plywood


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Quickly build sidewalks, roads, and stable surfaces with easy-to-handle plywood construction.
Plywood is mostly made of wooden boards, which are composed of thin layers of wood. The superposition of multiple layers of wood creates a cushioning force to reduce the pressure of heavy equipment on the lawn ground. As a relatively light material, it is easy to transport and can be used by itself. Install manually.
Depending on the weight of the equipment in the project, plywood can be one or more layers. For example: one layer is sufficient to provide the materials needed for lighting and sound equipment for temporary transport routes such as mixer roads. If there are multiple layers, you can build a small stage on it.
Plywood is not suitable for rainy weather. Rainwater will wet the plywood, which not only does not protect the ground, but also the surface is not safe and easy to slip. The plywood wetted by rain will form layers and shorten its service life.

3. Use HDPE heavy equipment protection mats


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HDPE heavy equipment protection mat is a popular ground protection mat on the market. The mat is made of HDPE material, which can minimize the damage caused by heavy machinery to the lawn. It is very convenient to transport and install, and can quickly create temporary the way.
HDPE floor protection pad, very durable, non-absorbent, can be used even in rainy weather (it is recommended to use it on dry lawn ground to reduce damage to the lawn if not necessary). HDPE mats can be reused and there is no problem for 5 years under normal use.(where is better than plywood)
HDPE ground protection mats can hold up to 100 tons, and most heavy equipment can be used.
In the long run, HDPE ground protection mats are a cost-effective investment.

If you have any questions about heavy equipment mats, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find a product that suits your needs.

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