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Safety Tips for Operating Your Dump Truck

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Between their large, hulking frame and the incredibly heavy loads, dump trucks can be very dangerous pieces of equipment. As their professional driver, it’s up to you to know how run them effectively and safely. Use these safety tips for operating your dump truck to ensure every job goes off without a hitch.

Always Perform a Morning Inspection

First and foremost, make sure you’re always performing a mechanical inspection prior to using a dump truck. This is a critical step in dump truck safety. There are several common types of malfunctions these devices can experience, and knowing the signs ahead of time can save you from an avoidable accident. Get into the habit of checking the lights, hoses, tire pressure, and lifting hydraulics before you set out to pick up your first load of the day.

Load and Unload on Even Ground

Loading and unloading materials on even ground is another way you can maximize your safety on the job. Dump trucks require a certain amount of balance during these processes in order to stay securely in place. Otherwise, they risk tipping over and harming those who are too close. As such, taking the extra time to ensure you’re stationed on level ground is vital to preventing severe injuries.

Install a Truck Bed Liner

Another crucial safety tip for operating your dump truck is to install a specialized bed liner. It prevents certain materials from sticking to the bed’s metal surface. As such, it’s less likely you’ll need to climb up and dislodge debris by hand. A specialized bed liner keeps you out of range of the moving parts and decreases your chances of injury.

Don’t Unload Without a Spotter

Another dump truck safety tip is to always have a spotter with you as you’re preparing to unload a delivery.Dump trucks have several large blind spots that make it difficult to tell where the resources are going to land. Because of this, it helps to have a second person direct you as you’re backing up. This ensures you’re dumping things in the right place and that you don’t accidentally hit anything in the way.

If you need a quality bed liner for your dump truck, reach out to Linings Inc. Our QuickSilver truck bed liners are made from one hundred percent virgin UHMW-PE resin and contain several additives to offer the most protection for your equipment. With one of these, you’ll be safer and able to deliver materials more efficiently.

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