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The Best Ways To Keep Snow From Sticking To Your Dump Truck

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With winter on its way, drivers need to take extra precautions to protect their trucks from the elements. Over time, dump truck operators have figured out several different ways to combat frozen materials in their truck beds. These are some of the best ways to keep snow from sticking to your dump truck.

Diesel Fuel

The first option is to utilize diesel or motor fuel as a truck bed liner. Start by washing out the bed to clear away any dirt or other substrate. Let it dry thoroughly, then use a broom or brush to spread a minimal amount of oil (a couple of quarts or less depending on the surface area) across the bed. After the end of the workday, pressure wash it out with some Simple Green to remove what’s left. However, this option isn’t always on the table, depending on your clients’ needs.

Calcium Coating

Another way to deal with snow is to use a calcium mixture. This process is very similar to fuel, but without the smell and worry about contaminating the raw materials. Instead, you can install a calcium spray tank with a hose attached. Each time you head out, just spray down the floor and walls to help limit snow from freezing to the surface. It’s easy to use and cheap to refill.

QuickSilver Liner

However, the absolute best way to keep snow from sticking to your dump truck is to invest in poly liners for dump trucks. These are put together with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and silicone. The combination of these materials is fantastic for releasing loads and is famous for creating a solid but slippery surface. Once you invest in a truck bed liner, you won’t have to worry about any additional methods for tackling snow. A well-designed liner will do this for you!

There are many ways to prevent snow from getting stuck in your truck bed. While some options are practical and cheap in the short term, they could become a hassle over time. Instead, consider finding a more permanent solution, like a bed liner.

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