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The Chemical Properties of Your Quicksilver Truck Liner

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The Chemical Properties of Your Quicksilver Truck Liner插图

Not many other vehicles face the type of wear and tear that dump trucks do. Therefore, they must have the most rigid materials to help them handle the constant and demanding loads they take on. Here are some of the chemical properties of your QuickSilver truck liner that help it stand up to the harshest situations.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Since dump trucks frequently release matter, they must be made of a material that is as “slippery” as possible. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a polymer with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Essentially, this means that it can help whatever is in the truck slide right out as needed. Additionally, it’s self lubricating and can work in both wet and dry situations.

Imperviousness to Chemical Corrosion

QuickSilver truck liners are also highly resistant to numerous types of harsh chemicals. Our polyethylene liners can handle concentrated acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. There’s no hocus-pocus going on here—just some chemistry in action! They’re also resistant to many other corrosive chemicals that might be in one of your future loads.

Physical Strength

One of the most valuable chemical properties of your QuickSilver truck liner is its physical resilience to abrasions and impacts. UHMW-PE is up to 15 times more scratch proof than carbon steel, making it ideal for heavily used surfaces like truck beds. It has to ability to get banged around a lot without cracking. Dump trucks demand toughness, and these QuickSilver truck liners meet expectations.

Water and UV Resistance

Poly liners for dump trucks must be resistant to other factors as well—and they are! These liners deter water and are less prone to UV radiation damage than other materials. Over time, UV rays can degrade plastics. But luckily, these liners are resistant to them. A work vehicle that sees all types of weather must handle various outdoor conditions.

Your truck must have a durable and reliable liner to give it long-term protection. Our QuickSilver liners do just that, safeguarding the bed from impacts, cuts, chemicals, rain, sunshine, and more.

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