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The Difference Between UHMW-PE & HMW-PE

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The Difference Between UHMW-PE & HMW-PE插图

When it comes to industrial-strength materials, polyethylene is one of the most durable on the market. However, this substance can be formulated in a series of different ways to give it varying properties. This means that while polyethylene can be used for a series of purposes, including as polyethylene dump truck liners, not just any kind will do the trick for more specific jobs. This is the difference between UHMW-PE and HMW-PE and what uses they have for consumers.

HMW Polyethylene

To begin, HMW-PE, or high molecular weight polyethylene, is incredibly resistant to cuts and abrasions. Its increased molecular structure allows for more durability during use, yet still leaves room for general flexibility and give. This is why this form of plastic is commonly used for tools related to food preparation, such as cutting boards. HMW-PE is also often made into conveyor belt components to help reduce wear on parts. Unfortunately, it’s a bit less effective at limiting friction with certain items and tends to be relatively soft when compared to other forms of the material.

UHMW Polyethylene

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, on the other hand, is much tougher in terms of strength. In fact, this is the dominant difference between UHMW-PE and HMW-PE. With more molecules to bind the surface together, it does an even better job of reducing abrasion damage and can even resist impact damage from large, heavy objects. As such, it’s common to see this form of polyethylene used for heavy equipment and larger-scale manufacturing processes. UHMW-PE is even known to hold up to large temperature changes, ensuring that it maintains its structural integrity regardless of the environmental conditions. This makes this material particularly important for manufacturing polyethylene dump truck liners.

To learn more about UHMW-PE and polyethylene dump truck liners reach out to Linings Inc. Our dump truck bed liners are made from 100 percent virgin UHMW-PE resin, making them flexible enough to fit snuggly into your equipment and durable enough to withstand any stressor. We also consistently work with this material to make it stronger and conduct thorough testing to ensure we’re only using the best batches for our products.

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