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The Hazards of Unintended Movement of a Dump Truck

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The Hazards of Unintended Movement of a Dump Truck插图

Dump trucks are incredibly large pieces of machinery—meaning that they also have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. Workers must perform every action with this equipment deliberately. Only experienced operators should handle this machinery. However, in some cases, these vehicles have malfunctioned and moved of their own accord. These are the hazards of unintended movement of a dump truck and the importance of operating them safely.

Bodily Harm

The primary concern when a dump truck moves is how it will harm the workers nearby. Since these vehicles are large and heavy, they can cause catastrophic injury to whoever they encounter. In fact, many cases like these have caused employee fatalities in recent years. If you notice any uncontrollable movement from your truck, get yourself and others away from it.

Spillage of Materials

When a dump truck’s lifting mechanism starts operating contrary to its settings, it risks spilling the materials in its bed. Depending on what’s being transported, these loads can weigh thousands of pounds, and even reach extreme temperatures. In either case, they present a safety risk to nearby individuals.

Jobsite Damage

Another hazard of unintended dump truck movement is the potential to cause damage to the construction site. Due to their weight, especially when loaded, dump trucks can destroy structures that teams have worked on for several weeks. That’s why material delivery usually takes place several hundred feet away from where workers are building.

Equipment Breakdown

Out of control dump truck movement can result in damage to the machine itself. If a component malfunctions and extends beyond its limits, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. You should make sure that you maintain your truck to keeping everything working properly.

Dump Truck Rollover

But some of the most dangerous events are rollovers. These incidents happen when pieces of the transported material get stuck to the sidewall of the truck’s bed. This creates an uneven distribution of weight and can cause the entire vehicle to tip over and become totaled during the dumping process. The risk is especially high if the truck sits on uneven ground, as it becomes much easier for the truck to lose its balance. Fortunately, slick dump truck liners can prevent this buildup of materials and make your equipment safer to use overall.

Dump trucks are incredibly complex pieces of equipment and can malfunction in several different ways. At Linings Inc, we seek to eliminate some of these concerns with our QuickSilver truck bed liners. Sleek and protective, these barriers reduce the amount of damage sustained by your vehicle’s bed during delivery and greatly reduce material buildup. This will help ensure that the rest of your machine’s components continue to work safely and efficiently.

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