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The Mechanical Properties of Haulk Bed Liners

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The Mechanical Properties of Haulk Bed Liners插图

The Haulk is the most robust heavy-duty bed liner and a groundbreaking product in dump truck performance technology. The Haulk can handle aggressive hauling applications like bottom ash, pig iron, and highly abrasive stone. In addition, it provides longevity for dirty and abrasive hauling applications while remaining lightweight and less expensive than other stainless floors. Read about the mechanical properties of Haulk bed liners for more information.


You can test the hardness of a solid piece of material by attempting to deform it. Typically, testers place a large downward force on the object in question to conclude whether it will dent or tear. Haulk bed liners have a Shore D hardness of 66, which is high on the hardness scale. In other words, they’re sturdy enough to resist impacts from various items. Additionally, the Haulk liners can handle loads of gravel, aggregate, and lime, making them excellent heavy-duty bed liner options.

Compressive Strength

Compressive strength is a material’s ability to withstand loads of other materials or elements. These materials can include concrete, rock, or other heavy items. Impressively, Haulk bed liners have a compressive strength of 20.7 MPa and can hold a substantial number of different materials. They also have the highest impact strength on the market.

Elongation at Break

Elongation at break is a measurement that tests how much you can stretch a material before it breaks. This metric compares a material’s elongated length to its original length to determine the percentage of elongated material. Our Haulk has a 230-percent elongation at break measurement, making it a durable and dependable liner.

The Haulk bed liner is a top performer in dump truck performance technology. It’s durable and ready to hold various materials. The mechanical properties of Haulk bed liners contribute to their strength and ability for different jobs. If you’re interested in our Haulk bed liners or other quality dump truck products, browse through our selection today!

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