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What Are Quality Dump Truck Bed Liners Made Of?

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What Are Quality Dump Truck Bed Liners Made Of?插图

When you’re searching for premium dump truck protection, a bed liner is one of the most important investments you’ll make. These products cover the inner surface area of your truck’s dumping bed, allowing you to deposit materials while preventing damage at the same time. But liner manufacturing differs depending on where you buy them, and some of these materials might not be up to your standards. If you’re asking, “What are quality dump truck bed liners made of?” find out here.

The Importance of Durable Materials

Dump trucks can sustain lots of damage while you’re out delivering resources. From large dents to tears on the interior frame, many issues can occur. There’s no telling what can happen as things jostle around on the road. As such, you want your bed liner to consist of some of the strongest substances available to you. With products that possess higher durability and resistance to many common types of damage, you can keep your truck in better condition overall.

The Basics of UHMW-PE

Make sure you look out for products that use UHMW-PE. Flexible and durable, this durable polymer is what quality dump truck bed liners are typically made of. UHMW is a plastic resin that can take any shape when melted. Once it cools, it forms an impact- and abrasive-resistant barrier. This material also has a high melting point, making it capable of transporting heated materials, such as hot asphalt and scrap metal.

The Benefits of Using UHMW-PE Liners

There are several additional benefits to using UHMW-PE as well. Since this material consists of longer molecule chains that offer maximum coverage over surfaces, it’s much less porous than other options. This prevents granule resources like dirt or gravel and sticky substances like asphalt from adhering to it. As a result, cleaning and maintenance are much simpler, and you’ll no longer need to dislodge materials by hand during a job.

For more information about UHMW-PE and how it performs on the job, contact Linings Inc. Our dump trailer bed liners use 100-percent virgin UHMW-PE resin, allowing us to achieve superior flexibility and coverage while maximizing durability. This way, you can go into each delivery confident that your equipment is safe from lasting harm.

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