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What Are the Different Types of Dump Truck Liners?

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What Are the Different Types of Dump Truck Liners?插图

Dump truck liners are an important addition to all dump trucks. They ensure safety by preventing a rollover of materials and ensuring everything gets removed from the truck. Materials can stick to the trailer without a liner, making operators spend spare time cleaning the truck bed. If you’re interested in liners and want to know the different types of dump truck liners, check out our guide below.


Quicksilver dump truck liners can withstand harsh field conditions and handle all kinds of bulk material. In addition, they’re durable, dependable, and equipped for extreme weather conditions. With a Quicksilver dump truck bed liner, you can say goodbye to sticky or frozen loads, risky dump angles, chewed-up floors, and much more! In addition, you can haul hot asphalt one day, then haul harsher materials like petroleum coke the next.


Durapro is the durable dump body liner solution. These liners are industrial-strength, made with the highest quality material available. In addition, Durapro has silicone, UV protectors, and virgin resin for weld and wear capabilities. The best thing about Durapro is that you can easily slide off sand, gravel, clay, and other similar material. Durapro is easy, long-lasting, and one of the most economically priced dump truck liners.


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty truck liner, you should select our strongest contender, The Haulk. This dump truck bed liner can handle aggressive hauling applications like pig iron, bottom ash, and auto fluff. Compared to other liners, The Haulk is lighter weight with a less expensive alternative to stainless steel floors. It’s important to note that Haulk liners can handle up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so you cannot use them in hot asphalt applications.


HMW-PE is the best material for road and construction applications. We design our liners to withstand the rigors of light and medium hails that minimize the damage your truck may sustain during transport. HMW liners can handle any kind of weather and sticky-nonabrasive materials. This liner is dependable and available in various sizes.

Dump truck liners are an essential aspect of all dump trucks because they prevent a material rollover and ensure safe dumping. If you wanted to know your liner options, we hope our list of the different types of dump truck liners was helpful to you. If you’re interested in purchasing these liners, contact Linings, Inc. today! We’re a family-run business with the best quality dump truck bed liners. If you have any questions, give us a call.

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