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What Makes Dump Truck Liners So Durable?

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What Makes Dump Truck Liners So Durable?插图

Dump truck liners act as a barrier for truck beds. They prevent impact damage and combat sticky loads. Understand the power of these liners and keep reading to discover what makes dump truck liners so durable!

The Secret Is in the Material

Dump truck liners protect trucks from various types of materials. When operators haul aggressive loads, materials can scratch, corrode, or chew truck beds. Not only is this aesthetically repulsive, but it also decreases the truck bed’s lifespan.

Truck bed liners need robust material to handle all types of loads and prevent damage. While searching for a liner, you need to find one with UHMW-PE, which is a tough polymer. UHMW makes dump truck liners durable because it acts as an impact and abrasion-resistant barrier. The material is a flexible plastic resin that manufacturers shape into liners. UHMW has a high melting point, allowing you to transport heated materials like hot asphalt.

Why Durable Liner Material Matters

Dump trucks play a significant role on job sites. The trucks transport heavy materials to complete different tasks. Dump trucks sustain damage by carrying aggressive and dirty loads, so operators incorporate liners on their truck beds.

In the past, aluminum and thick steel were the main components of dump truck liners. However, the metals only protect trucks from short-term damage. They also added weight to dump trucks, reducing hauling capabilities. That said, “heavy” isn’t the qualification for a durable liner.

We’ve established that durable liners protect beds, so they should be made from strong materials to provide a suitable barrier. At the same time, the liners shouldn’t impact the truck’s hauling capacity.

A durable liner prevents damage without affecting the truck’s overall condition. The liner material matters because it directly affects hauling capabilities.

Find Your Perfect Liner

There is no one-size-fits-all dump truck liner. In fact, loads determine the type of liner operators need. Here at Linings, we offer liners ideal for different loads. Take a look at these options:

  • Quicksilver – Dependable for all types of hauling loads and known as “The liner that works. Anytime. Anywhere.”
  • Durapro – Industrial strength with silicone release. This liner makes it easy for sand and gravel to slide off.
  • Haulk – Perfect for harsh and aggressive loads but not ideal for hot applications!
  • HMW-PE – Great for non-abrasive loads. It’s also ideal for agricultural and farming applications.

Purchase the products you need at Linings. We carry awesome products, whether you’re interested in Quicksilver truck liners or other items. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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