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What Types of Materials Can a Heavy-Duty Bed Liner Handle?

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What Types of Materials Can a Heavy-Duty Bed Liner Handle?插图

For anyone transporting raw materials regularly, investing in a truck bed liner is essential. These are important for protecting your vehicle and ensuring that your cargo slides out easily. However, do you know what types of materials a heavy-duty bed liner can handle? Luckily, the answer is “a wide variety.” Here they are!


Aggregate is a collection of loose fragments or particles. In this case, this includes substances like sand, gravel, rock, stone, or rip rap. Although these materials are prone to creating dents in regular beds, protecting your truck with a bed liner will eliminate unnecessary wear and tear to the vehicle. This is vital if you eventually want to sell your vehicle.


Topsoil and dirt are both handled easily as well. The plastic of our truck liners is both a great barrier from the metal and far better releasing. This helps to protect your truck from any residual moisture in the soil and keeps organic particles off the floor of the bed and from creating corrosion. The silicone oils in our plastic allow for smooth dumping of the materials, virtually eliminating carry-back and chance of rollover.

Sticky or Frozen Substances

Heavy-duty bed liners are tough enough to handle messy elements as well. Whereas most of these materials would be a pain to remove from a truck on their own, using a bed liner makes the process much easier. In addition, our bed liners are smooth and have a slippery surface with added silicone oils for release, which is key for easily releasing contents. Install a truck bed liner if you know that you’ll need to frequently drop off sticky or frozen loads.

Other Materials

There are many other types of materials that a heavy-duty bed liner can handle. Other industries benefit from this tool because it can also help contain coal, bottom ash, auto fluff, petroleum coke, and asphalt.

Truck bed liners are extremely easy to clean. Most of the time, you could get by with just a quick hose down or pressure wash of the surface. Truck bed liners can handle many different types of materials. They help protect your vehicle from damage, can handle abrasive materials with ease, and ensure that your cargo is able to easily dump out as well due to the slick surface of the liner and releasing additives.

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