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UHMW-PE Scraper Blade
UHMW-PE Scraper Blade
UHMW-PE Scraper Blade
UHMW-PE Scraper Blade

UHMW-PE Scraper Blade

UHMW Poly Slippery Wear Resistance Belt For Conveyor System Uhmwpe Plastic Scraper Blade
  • MaterialUHMWPE
  • Thickness3-30mm
  • Sizecustomized
  • ColorWhite;UHMWPE conveyor pad
  • ApplicationMachinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant
  • ShapeCustomized Shape
  • PackageWooden Pallet
  • Supply Ability9000 Ton/Tons per Year
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UHMWPE stands for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is a type of polyethylene with extremely long chains, resulting in a very high molecular weight. This molecular structure gives UHMWPE unique properties such as high impact strength, abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, chemical resistance, and excellent durability. It is often used in applications where these properties are desirable, such as in the manufacture of medical implants, ballistic armor, bearings, ropes, and various industrial components. UHMWPE is known for its exceptional toughness and self-lubricating properties, making it a versatile material in many engineering and industrial applications.

scraper blade is a tool or implement designed for scraping or cleaning surfaces. It typically consists of a flat, rigid blade or edge that is used to remove material, residue, or debris from a surface. Scraper blades are commonly used in various applications such as cleaning floors, removing paint or stickers from surfaces, scraping off ice or snow from windows or windshields, and in industrial settings for tasks like cleaning conveyor belts or removing buildup from machinery. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials depending on the specific application and the type of surface being cleaned or scraped.


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