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  • How To Install Mats For Driving On Mud


    Mats for driving on mud are a great product that can often be overlapped, butted up against each other or connected and placed over wet surfaces to help gain access in your car, truck, or other vehicle, to keep a premium vehicle cle...

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  • How Do You Clean Ground Protection Mats?


    Cleaning ground protection mats from yakai is not as big of a task as you might think, because most are made of non absorbent HDPE plastic material. HDPE, or high density polyethylene, is super durable, and it will not peel, chip, o...

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  • How to Create a Temporary Road Using Mats


    Temporary road mats are an ideal material to have on hand for construction companies and other businesses that must work in remote areas, where a gravel or permanent road is not available. To create a temp road, just lay out multiple mats ...

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  • What Size of Ground Protection Mat Do I Need?


    If you're doing any sort of work involving heavy machinery and you need to drive that machinery on soft ground, then ground protection mats for heavy equipment are an absolute must-have. These strong and durable mats help to distribute the weight...

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  • How to Prevent Your Tractor From Getting Stuck in Mud


    Tractors are meant for tough jobs, and they’re essential if you live on a big farm, a horse facility, or even if you want to simplify your home lawn maintenance. But when you mix tractors with boggy, wet ground, you’re often asking for trouble. A...

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  • How Do I Protect My Driveway From Heavy Objects?


    Are you preparing for a home remodel or renovation - subjecting your driveway to heavy equipment, a dumpster, construction tools, and other things that can cause dents or damage? Maybe, you have a gravel or natural grass driveway th...

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  • How Do You Determine The Most Durable Flooring?


    When you’re shopping for new flooring, you naturally want to choose a product that’s highly durable. Understanding how to determine the most durable flooring can help you to determine which product is best for your needs.How to Determine the Most...

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  • Track Protection Mats: Guarding Finished Surfaces


    When it comes to projects big or small, careful planning and thoroughness are key. That means no detail goes overlooked, from the foundation to the finale. Working from the ground up includes thinking about your ground. yakai track...

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