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How to optimize the quality of CNC machining plastic parts?

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Reduce the internal edges and corners:

Plastic processing is easy to appear edges, and sharp angles will affect the quality and efficiency of processing and increase the processing difficulty. Therefore, parts should avoid internal edges, circular arcs, and other smooth shape.

Design the correct cutting direction:

The cutting direction will affect the part’s surface quality and machining difficulty. The design of parts should be according to the nature of plastic materials and processing requirements to choose the appropriate cutting direction, as far as possible, to avoid reverse or oblique cutting.

Consider material shrinkage:

Plastic materials shrink during cooling, so you need to design parts with a shrinkage rate in mind and design with an appropriate allowance for subsequent processing or assembly.

Reasonable arrangement of process flow:

Before CNC machining, we must determine the process flow, including machine type, tool type, processing sequence, etc. When designing parts, the processing sequence should be considered according to the process flow to ensure the smooth processing of parts and reduce processing errors.

Avoid excessive cutting:

In CNC machining, excessive cutting should be avoided, leading to accelerated tool wear and affecting the quality and efficiency of machining. In the design of parts, one should avoid too much depth or too small a cutting interval to reduce tool wear and machining errors.

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